“We would like to celebrate Sue being with the company for 5 years.
She can be normally be quite shy and not wanting lots of fuss which is why we are shouting from the roof tops about her great milestone!

Sue is such a valuable asset to our team, she is one of the most experienced carers that we have. She is committed and hard working and is always willing to help out when times are tough.

So with that sad, we would like to take this time to thank Sue for her commitment to the service users, families and the team for all her efforts.

Looking forward to another 5 years of her being with us.” ~ Vicky Hall, Registered Manager

“Just like to say Sue is one of the most caring compassionate people I know, she a pleasure to work with and always puts others first.
Sue made me feel very welcome when I joined Broomfield Care and Sue has become a very good friend.” ~Jackie xx

“One memorable moment I can think of off the top of my head is Sue telling me off for not making Mr P’s bed very well and then telling me a blind man would be glad to see it 🤣 ~ Mike

“Sue is an amazing carer that everyone loves 😊. She is always doing her best to look after all our Service Users. Sue is always hot even though it is minus 10 and then I’d see Sue walking in with her short sleeve uniform ;-)” ~ Anita, Care Manager

“She is good to work with and very helpful” ~ Sue H

“Congratulation on 5 years Sue, It’s been a pleasure to work with you. You are a dedicated and valued member of staff. You have amazing bonds with lots of the people we support, they trust and feel supported by you and this is just an amazing reflection of the care you deliver. I am thankful you are a part of the Broomfield Care team.” ~ Sophie, Assistant Deputy Manager

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