Whilst reading a care magazine I came across this story which I thought was pretty good. It was about two quick thinking home care employees that turned detective to save a man life.

Sophie and Georgia were out on there evening rounds when they spotted blood on the floor of the entrance to a housing complex in Blackpool.

They grew concerned, so they attempted to gain access to the property. As they were unable to get in they called the ambulance, but being told it would be some time before it would get there they contacted the police. Officers broke into the property and found the man unconscious. He was rushed to hospital and found to be suffering from a burst ulcer in his leg and gangrene.

Medics told Sophie and Georgie that the man almost certainly would not have survived if they hadn’t acted so swiftly.

The company’s chief executive commented after the event, ‘There is little doubt that if they hadn’t been so conscientious the man would probably not have survived and they are to be commended. I would like to think that this is typical of the commitment and dedication‘.

Broomfield Care are in the process of reviewing it staff reward scheme, for those members of staff that would of acted in the same way as the girls in Blackpool.

Keep up the good work everyone.

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