This is another example of the great work that all at the Broomfield Care are capable. We thoroughly enjoyed working with Lynne and her mum.

“When Mum was first taken ill she wanted to stay in her own home. After some months with the carers going in 3 times a day it was clear more was needed – 29 carers over a period of 6 weeks did not help as mum needed to ‘know’ the people suddenly appearing in her lounge!

The next step was to bring her to live with me. I was working part time and was going to need help to ensure mum’s safety for the hours I would be away from the house. Social services provided me with a booklet but would not make any recommendations of agencies.

After two disastrous trials with large agencies I finally found some ‘angels’. They come from a company called BROOMFIELD CARE LTD. Right from the first visit by the agency owner I knew I had found the right care for mum. Vicky struck up an instant rapport with Mum and over the coming months we had two more carers come in regularly to care for Mum whilst I worked. Both of these carers were lovely as well as being very competent, trained and experienced in caring for elderly people with Mum’s type of problems; dementia, poor mobility and ongoing health problems regularly faced by the older generation.

Over a period of 5 months we has Vicky and two other regular carer – Mum was able to remember their names and build a ‘relationship’ with them. This was so much better than 29 people over 6 weeks. It also meant that the carers soon came to know mums personal ways and preferences.

If ever I need help again or was asked by friends to recommend an agency I would be more than happy to recommend BROOMFIELD CARE LTD.

All the help we received from BROOMFIELD CARE LTD helped to make Mums last few months much more comfortable. They also made it possible for me to go to work with the confidence that Mum was in safe hands.

All pricing, bill and payments were very clear and simple to deal with – another bonus when your loved ones are at their most vulnerable.

I can never thank Broomfield Care enough for all their help.”

Lynn Lane, Linden Gloucester

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