Broomfield Care staff had the pleasure of meeting and providing continuous care and support to Suzie, for a period of 2 years. This was to support with light domestic chores, meal preparation and medication prompting.


Well what can we say about Suzie? She is one of a kind! She is a strong minded, independent and cheerful lady who loves to sing in Italian, and would encourage you to sing along with her (even though none of us can speak Italian let along sing!) She loved the good weather and would often sit outside enjoying the sunshine. Suzie was also extremely active, and liked to clean and tidy her house regularly. She would always offer you coffee, but she did not like it if you refused the offer! All staff were welcomed into her home, and sometimes you couldn’t get past her without her giving your cheeks a friendly squeeze with both hands.

The care package provided for suzie was ideal as it enabled her to stay safe and comfortable in her own home, and provided reassurance to her and the family.  The service also provided companionship throughout the day while Suzie’s family members were out at work. Sadly, Suzie had a stroke and it was Broomfield Care staff (Sharon and Janet) that were the first to find her on that morning. They worked calmly and professionally to ensure the best outcomes for Susie, they even received recognition from the Ambulance team for the fantastic job they did in reassuring Suzie and remaining calm under difficult circumstances.

Toni, Susie’s daughter comments, “my life has changed dramatically since my mother’s stroke, and I am stilling trying to come to terms with it.  My mum spent 3 months in Gloucester Royal, and is now living at Bohanam Nursing Home”. Toni said “I know that in the time that Broomfield Care were looking after mum she really enjoyed the company of your staff… Anyone will tell you that she was a real character. I would like to thank Broomfield Care for the excellent care that my mother received.”

Susie was so much fun and always made you smile every visit without fail, she was a pleasure to support. We miss Susie, but are all enriched for the short time we knew her. Good luck in your new home Susie.




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