Paige had worked for Broomfield Care throughout her final year of nursing training, sometimes juggling a 40 to 50 hour week.  Everyone valued her skills and knowledge, including services users and staff alike.  A fine example of this was in her last week with us when visiting a service user, and Paige had identified how poorly they were.  The on call Manager was then informed, which was essential for that individual, as time was of the essence. Well done Paige!

Paige explained –  “I very much enjoyed working for Broomfield Care and found that it enhanced my practice as a student nurse and vice versa. Each role complimented each other and I learnt from both. The clients are wonderful and although the role can be challenging at times,  it is also very rewarding. I would recommend Broomfield to anyone interested in caring as a career, or in nursing. Broomfield is a lovely company to work for as you feel valued as a member of the team, and although I never got the chance to go to any of the events planned by the company, it is such a nice thing to do to bring everyone together. Since leaving I miss seeing many of the lovely clients and staff but I am on to new adventures!!’

Vicky is also sad to see Paige leave, but her new career working in paediatrics will be a wonderful and rewarding career choice for her.

Paige added – “Since starting my job on the neonatal unit (special care baby unit) I have grown as a person and my skills have become more diverse. Working for Broomfield  has taught me some valuable transferable skills. I have now decided to go back to Uni to become a midwife!!! A scary but very exciting decision!!! Caring is such a rewarding thing to do, and I would recommend it to anyone.  You can truly make a difference to peoples day to day lives, something which is very special!”

Well said Paige, we miss you!


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