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Are you looking for real life work experience in Health and Social Care throughout the Summer ?

We are looking for students to work through the Summer in Health and Social Care – are you a studying student in ……..

* Health and Social Care

* Nursing

* Paramedic

Are you looking to work alongside your studies and gain some experience ? Please contact us today on 01452 730888 or email us at

Here is what a few of our previous students have said …..

I have been working at Broomfield care for 11 months and have loved every minute of it. I have been given a wide variety of opportunities in and out of the office. I have been able to develop on my administrative skills when working in the office and alongside other office staff, and equally I have gained experience when shadowing the nurses, which has boosted my confidence for  my Nursing degree at University. I am excited to pursue my role as a support worker in Broomfield and as part of the care team.” ~ Beth

“Working for Broomfield in my university holidays has provided me with real life, applied experience working with a vulnerable age group. Working with an older population has provided me with many opportunities to experience working with individuals with dementia as well as various mood disorders and physical disabilities. Our care is essential to them and every one is incredibly grateful for our work, it is a pleasure to be there for them in their time of need. Not only is this job valuable experience for my chosen career path of psychology, it is incredibly rewarding and the colleagues and service users I have met in my time with Broomfield will never be forgotten.” ~ Jess