You may know this story. If not, you have to be inspired by it !!

‘As long as people keep giving, I’ll keep walking’: WWII hero Captain Tom Moore, 99, gives the most joyous interview of coronavirus crisis – as his bid to raise funds for NHS by marching around his garden on a zimmer frame hits £18 million.

Captain Tom Moore, 99, is walking 100 lengths of his garden before he turns 100. As of this morning he had raised more than £18 million for ‘brave’ people of NHS. So get behind Tom as he does 10 laps a day !!

Please take a moment and contribute whatever you can to this amazing man, who is a credit to our country 🙂

Along with Captain Tom Moore, 99, walking his way to fame – and a fortune for NHS charities – another nonagenarian has embarked on a marathon challenge.

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