Sue K Says…Sue K - Staff member at Broomfield Care

This job is so refreshing because I haven’t heard one complaint from a service user. All the staff are friendly and helpful. Also the boss is great (do I get any brownie points for that).All the service users are pleased and happy to see us. I like to collect china my house is full. I like to go to antique fairs. I’ve been in care for nearly 17 years and worked for autioners, surveyors and bailiff also. My biggest antique is my husband. I like travelling and spending time with my family which I now can do thanks to Broomfield.

Broomfield Care Say..

Sue K is a very experienced carer; she has been working within the care sector for approx. 20 years. Sue is a new addition to the team and has fitted in exceptionally well.

She is conscientious and always willing to offer her help to our customers and other staff members.


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