What a lovely surprise we had at Broomfield Care recently. Sue and Kate (family members of a previous service user) very kindly sent in some gifts for us.  It’s always nice to receive flowers and biscuits, and to celebrate what would have been their late aunties birthday. (Beryl would have been 90 on the 22nd May 2016)


We provided supported for Beryl in her own home, and really enjoyed tending to her everyday needs. Beryl was  reluctant to the care package in the beginning, although slowly but surely she began to enjoy the company and the conversations with staff. Beryl enjoyed talking about topical issues as well as enjoying a joke or two. Beryl loved her family, gardening, bird watching and most sports. A particular favourite was a love of watching the horse racing.


Eventually Beryl’s support needs changed, and she then went to live in an residential home for the last part of her life. However staff would visit once a week for a chat and a coffee to check she was doing well. Beryl’s sense of humour is missed by all.


Thanks very much for the gifts …  we will try and save the biscuits for the next team meeting!


We send our love to all those in Canada also!


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