Broomfield Care started supporting Nell in March 2011

Nell lived alone in Quedgeley due to her husband passing away.

Nell’s children were incredibly supportive and fairly close but felt that Nell could use a little extra support.

Broomfield Care started visiting Nell three times a week, to assist her to get ready for going to the day centre, ensuring she had some breakfast, had taken her medication and was ready for the transport to pick her up.

In the beginning Nell’s family were slightly concerned that she would not accept the help and having carers in her home.

However after all most no time the carers felt part of the family as Nell was always pleased to see staff, family and friends.

Everyone loved visiting Nell; we really got to know about her.

As her condition progressed so did Nell’s care package, although we always encouraged Nell to remain as independent as possible in her own environment.

Nell’s family were proactive and for the final year of Nell living at home they installed a webcam into the house, so they were able to check on their mum also giving them peace of mind when various alarms would alert them. They could ‘log on’ and see their mum routing through her wardrobe or walking around chattering around her bedroom in the twilight hour.

This was a fantastic way of caring for a loved one in their own home.

We pass on their fantastic idea to other families as and when appropriate.

Sadly due to Nell’s declining health, all involved agreed that the time had come for her to move into a permanent full time care home.

This was sad for staff and family.

‘We thoroughly enjoyed caring for Nell, she was the sweetest and kindest lady to look after, and she always brightened up everyone’s day, Quote from V.Hall Registered Manager

‘Broomfield Care supplied care for mum for 3 years. The quality of service was of a consistent high level and carers were always truly caring’ Martin R (Nell’s Son)

We miss you Nell……

Hope you are enjoying your new home

Love from us all xx

Nell Rendell

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