Dear Customer, Families, Neighbours and Friends,

With the current climate changing daily I thought I would update you on our service provision and our plans to continue service during the COVID – 19 outbreak.

Following the latest government announcement, we will continue to remain operational. As we offer support to the most vulnerable in society it is essential that we follow government guidelines in our practice. However, we have reviewed our policies to reflect the most recent Government guidelines, and will continue to monitor any further changes.

These are our procedures that were implemented around 2 weeks ago and continue to be followed until further changes are necessary.

Broomfield Care Staff

  • All staff have been involved in our internal screening process using a questionnaire to determine their recent travel plans. And exposure to anyone with symptoms.
  • Staff are undergoing on line training to be able to react and detect any symptoms and have been fully informed of our policies and procedures.
  • If any of our staff or family members have a temperature of 37.8 or above, or a new, persistent cough then the staff member will contact a member of the management team and will not be scheduled for work until they are symptom free. Which is advised to be from 7 to 14 days.
  • This applies to all persons living within the same household as our staff member i.e. if any one person presents with either of these symptoms, the entire household must stay at home for 14 days. We would not put any of our service users at risk.
  • Staff have a full set of PPE which meets all the safety requirements when carrying out personal care. Plenty of stock for them to refill at Head Office.
  • To further safeguard Service users and Staff external visitors to the office premises will be limited to only those that are essential for the continued operation of the setting.

Service User

  • If service user has symptoms, they will need to self-isolate, they would need to measure temp every day and feed back to us. so we ask the same of family members not to visit their relatives or household if they have symptoms within their own households
  • Could you ensure that you have a thermometer and if temperature is high that staff could check it, if you are not sure.
  • We advise if carers are present then family members not attend during the visit, this will reduce risk.
  • If a service user has severe symptoms – what we would do as per government guidelines.  If they are seriously ill then call 999 immediately. If the person is not in a serious condition, contact 111 by telephone immediately. Do not go to a GP, Pharmacy or hospital until given details by the call handler. Those dealing with the person must don PPE to protect themselves and others within the location. Set up an isolation room for the individual. This may be their own room. Ensure they are comfortable with food and water. We will then contact Public Health England’s local Health Protection Team will make contact and carry out a risk assessment and provide further advice and guidance.
  • Should staff be unable to work, we would possibly have to cancel some visits. We would scale back service and it may result in drastic changes to the service to accommodate both staff and service user welfare.
  • Each customer has a contingency rating of Red, Amber or Green -one of the managers will be in touch or may have already been in touch to discuss further arrangement if the staff team contract the virus and we are unable to provide full service.
  • If any service user has a cough, Broomfield will provide masks for them to wear whilst staff are undertaking personal care, for the safety of everyone present.


  • If Broomfield Care have to cancel visits due to staff shortages there will be no charge to the service user
  • Should the Service user wish to cancel their entire package of care this would incur 7 days notice at 100% instead of the contracted 14 days notice
  • If the Service User wishes to hold a space the first 24 hours would be 100% charge and then 50% charge for the first week thereafter and any subsequent week at 25% charge. This is different to the contracted 48hours 100% charge.

If you have any queries please contact Broomfield Care Office in the first instance within office hours between 9-5 01452 730888 and on call 07563 214299

We understand how incredibly difficult these measures are on all our customers and their families as well as their communities to manage, and we appreciate the huge impact this situation will have for you all, however, we must be responsive in these unprecedented and uncertain times, and ensure we follow the advice we are given, and do everything we can to minimise the spread of infection.

For further information, please see

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