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🌸Broomfield Care’s May 2024 Newsletter🌸

Hello All!

We hope you’re all well- it’s been another busy month for us at Broomfield Care (especially as we get closer and closer to our deadline for moving across to our new IT system!). We’ve had quite a few events- CareLine Live, Julie’s retirement and a new Extra Mile Award winner- Read to find out more!

💻Our New IT System:

If you didn’t already know we are changing to a new IT system, CareLine Live, and are intending to be fully transferred across by 3rd June! This is due to CareForIt being purchased by CareLive Live, so we are having to switch over. In addition, CareForIT has been especially slow for us in recent months and is just not efficient enough, so we hope this change makes our jobs a lot less stressful!

If you are a client or a relative of a client, make sure you set up your account with CareLine Live so you can continue seeing care plans/visit times- please check out our blog on our website, which goes into further detail about this process, and the new system as a whole. If you have any queries about the new system, please contact the office and we may be able to help!

When the new system goes live, we hope to have a smooth transition, however there may well be a few teething problems that we are yet to experience, so we would be grateful if you could please bear with us during this transition period!

After working at Broomfield Care for over 10 years, our lovely Julie has finally retired, but we couldn’t let her go without celebrating all the hard work she’s done for us. 💕

In addition, we used the party as an opportunity to raise money and collect items for the James Hopkins Trust.

If you didn’t know, James Hopkins Trust provides care and support for Gloucestershire’s families and their young children who are life limited or life threatened.

Some parents will know their baby has a condition that will cause severe disability or shorten their life before they are born, other babies will be diagnosed soon after birth or in early childhood. Often no-one can tell you how long your child will live, only that they need constant care. James Hopkins Trust exists to help these children and their families.

Thank you to everyone who donated:

We managed to raise over £400 through the bake sale and our JustGiving Page!

Our JustGiving Page is still open, so if you weren’t able to attend, but would like to donate click here.

You Can See More from Julie’s Party by Clicking Here!

🪧Our Office Sign!

We finally had our sign put up on our office so you can now see us when you enter the technology park!

💇‍♀️A Grand Day Out!

We also wanted to share some photos of Aunty Pam, a beloved client, going for a day out to the hairdresser’s with support worker Sue!

💻Social Media:

We also want to highlight that we are trying to be more active on social media! We are currently on Facebook, Instagram, and even TikTok!

As much engagement as possible is very beneficial to the company as it helps boost our online presence and expand our reach across Gloucestershire- our goal is to not only connect far better with those currently a part of the Broomfield Care family, but potential service users and support workers too.

So please could you do us a favour and share our posts when you see them, including this Newsletter!

🦸‍♀️🦸‍♂️Staff Updates:

Zane: Congratulations to support worker and previous Extra Mile Award Winner, Zane, for passing his probation- we are very proud of him and how much his confidence has grown since he started here!

The Extra Mile Award:

Senior Support Worker, Emma, has been chosen as our winner for her care and compassion towards our clients.

Jess Sterry, our Assistant Deputy Manager, sent this in about Emma:

“I saw a client at the weekend, who I hadn’t seen since their initial assessment. I asked how they were getting on with everything and staff. They said that Emma had been brilliant, they see her the most out of all the staff and the rapport she has with them is lovely. The client also said that she was going through a bit of sad point, but she said it was Emma who really brought her spirits up and she got her out of that. I said how lovely this was to hear.

I also attended a spot check today on Emma, and her approach with a service user who has the tendency to decline any assistance, was fantastic and she encouraged him to go to the bathroom. He gave her a cuddle when he saw her too. It was really, really lovely and I think she deserves this after having two lots of positive feedback in such a short space of time!”

In addition, Emma has been helping us out with leaflet dropping around the city, and so we’ve named her our Extra Mile Award Winner for April!


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They are well-loved by many, but are especially beneficial to those with dementia and are struggling with their liquid intake, due to issues such as the inability to hold cups or not equating thirst with drinking.

We, at Broomfield Care, think Jelly Drops are an amazing product and can help you purchase the product at a discounted rate! Just contact the office or speak to one of our support workers, so that you can receive a special code to get your order cheaper.

🌸May/June Dates:

  • 15th June- The King’s Birthday
  • 16th June- Father’s Day


That’s all for this month! It’s been a busy past couple of weeks for us here at Broomfield Care, so hopefully next month will be a bit calmer, especially once we get the new system up and running!

Once again, well done to Emma for being an absolute star and going the extra mile!