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Lovely Lidia is our Superhero Employee of the Month 🤩💕

Our very own ‘Lovely Lidia’ has been with Broomfield Care for just over two years and without doubt Lidia is an exceptional, dependable and reliable member of staff.

Lidia always goes ‘over and above’ her call of duties for our wonderful Service Users whether it is showering, hoovering their property or getting their dog to the vet 🐶 😊 – Lidia is trustworthy and dedicated.

You can always count on Lidia to come into the office (sometimes laden with a jar of pickles to snack on as she drives around) and relay her morning visits often with a funny or ridiculous story, we’ve had spiders crawling out of clothes, a crystal maze like house escape and dog scares, you can always count on Lidia to make you laugh and smile with her tales no matter how serious she takes it in stride!

On one unrepeatable occasion Lidia was left locked inside a Service User’s property and thought better of it to not climb out of the window incase the neighbours may have thought she was a robber !

“For the first three months I had care from Broomfield Care, I was asked continually by the other carers whether I had met Lidia, the lovely Lidia as they called her and then on 12th October she came to care for me. I greeted her in my very best Polish but very soon realised that her English was so good and that she has a great sense of humour. Since the first meeting we have established a very good working relationship, talking about just about every thing especially our families and the problems they cause when they are growing up. I think she knows more about National Trust properties and historic England than I do. I have needed care for twenty-six years and I have no hesitation in saying that Lidia is one of the best three carers I have ever had – one of the others was also from Poland having previously worked for eighteen years as a nurse in Poland. In short Lidia is a very efficient and kind carer, always carrying out all the tasks in the care plan together with anything else she sees that needs doing. THANK YOU Lidia.” ~ Mr P, Longford.

“Lidia can only be described as lovely Lidia!
She is so good at what she does and always manages to make us all smile! She is reliable and hard working and such an all round fantastic carer, I am so proud to have Lidia on our team, we love you x” ~ Sarah, Care Manager

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