Beth Says….Beth Nutt

I have been working at Broomfield care for 11 months and have loved every minute of it. I have been given a wide variety of opportunities in and out of the office. I have been able to develop on my administrative skills when working in the office and alongside other office staff, and equally I have gained experience when shadowing the nurses, which has boosted my confidence for  my Nursing degree at University. I am excited to pursue my role as a support worker in Broomfield and as part of the care team.

Broomfield Care say…

Beth has been with Broomfield Care Since Nov 2014. She joined up in a admin support role whilst studying her A-Levels.

Beth became part of the care staff in April 2015, where she has grown leaps and bounds

Beth is currently studying at Sheffield University undertaking her BA Hons in nursing. But will be returning home at holidays to continue work with us.

We are sure Beth is doing a great job of being a student and we look forward to her re-joining the team in December.

Keep us the good work Beth, Our Favourite Grammar School Girl.

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