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Our Super Sarah !!!!!!!!!

Wow how time flies when you are having fun…….

This is a post to celebrate Sarah as our Star of the month as well as commemorate her two year anniversary working with us! Even though it feels like she has always been here!

Her dedication to our service users and staff has been incredible and this inturn is enabling us to go from strength to strength.

Things you want not know about ‘our Sarah’

  • She is always working even if she isn’t sat at her desk.
  • She loves a cheeky Nandos every Monday evening.
  • She hates filling up her car with petrol and tries to get out of it when she can.
  • She gets her lunch made for her most days!
  • Love Boris Johnson, but not as much as own partner! Honest!!!

We are so lucky to have you and thanks for all that you do for everyone……

Sarah is undoubtedly our Superhero of the month 💙💚💛

“It’s very hard to sum up Sarah in a short paragraph! She is Broomfield through and through, she is the driving force behind what makes this such a fantastic place to work, her support and guidance is invaluable.” ~ Charlotte, Deputy Manager

Homecare rating 9.8 ✨

“I’ve never met a manager like her, she’s so supportive, so approachable, genuinely cares about everything to do with you not just your work life but your family life too. She’s the best! ❤️❤️” ~ Jess S

“What can I say cares about service users and her staff !! Always on the end of the phone if you need her even out of hours well done Sarah !!!!” ~ Mandy xx

“Our one and only TV star! excellent ambassador for Broomfield Care.” ~ Trish x

Sarah filling her car up – she HATES doing this !!!

“Lovely lady even with no underwear 🙈🙈” ~ Sue 🤣

“A little bit about Sarah ….Sarah has made such a difference to Broomfield Care since she joined, she’s always there for all the staff and is a very loyal manager. She has also got a very wicked sense of humour” 😆 ~ Jackie xx

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