We held one of our regular team meetings recently, where staff members are invited to attend for a full update of all services and any appropriate points of interest.  We started off with the ice breaker as below. This was just to highlight the changing landscape over the last 12 months and how this has effected us personally.


As can be seen from the agenda (pic top left)  we also like to include guest speakers, when possible. For this team meeting we had Mary Lettington in attendance.  Mary has had many years experience of working within the health and social care environment, and now provides support and guidance to companies as well as individuals who may need coaching on any level.  The main purpose of the team meeting was for Mary to facilitate an open discussion around communication in the workplace.  This gave all the staff a chance to express themselves and to voice any concerns, or raise issues they may feel need to be shared appropriately with the team.  Everyone in turn, had the opportunity to discuss their own ‘personal agenda’, and this ensures everyone in the team feels that their contribution is valued.


Fieldcare supervisor Tim Griffiths went on to explain –

” These team meetings are invaluable exercises as they ensure that the whole team is given a platform to express any concerns, but also so that the potential feeling of isolation among ‘lone workers’ is reduced. The ‘family’ feel to the organisation was apparent as all members of staff informed Mary that they felt valued while at work. The staff were then invited to relay any areas that they felt should be raised to management as a point of discussion.  It is great to see that Broomfield takes its responsibilities to both staff and service user with the integrity that it does. It makes working for them a much more pleasurable and rewarding experience!”










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