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For those of us who are not familiar with our management team, I would like to take this opportunity to introduce an unsung hero.


Natalie has been with the company from it’s inception, and has been a major contributor to how well the business is doing today.  Her fantastic commitment and dedication to the ethos of the company is admirable, and she uses her knowledge and skills to keep everyone on their toes! A commonly heard phrase in the office is, ‘Ask Nat!’, and if she doesn’t know it,  she will take the time to find out.

“Natalie is Broomfield Care’s very own Erin Brockovich” … Victoria Hall

Natalie is the Accounts department, the Finance team, HR department, the IT department …. as well as making sure we are all fully refreshed in the office, by shopping for our Tea/Coffee/Hot Choc etc  …. and the occasional cake! (and pretty much everything in between)

Natalie studied Business and Sport at University and she often smiles when something comes up that she learnt 20 years ago. She also has a fun loving nature and is a true asset for Broomfield Care.

Natalie will hate this blog, because quite simply she loves being in the engine room, and shy’s away from the limelight! However, every business needs a ‘Natalie’ to keep things operating smoothly. Her only complaint (well one that we can publish anyway)  ……   is if the cheese is too strong in her sandwich! HaHa!!


It’s a pleasure to work alongside Natalie, and she is the unsung Hero for us all in the company!


So thanks for all your hard work Nat – seen here below in action with Santa – or Mike as he’s more commonly known!!

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