Just over a year has gone by and Leanne has become one of the most important members of our team!!!

“Leanne has been with us for just over a year, but it does feel alot longer. She is kind and caring to everyone, incredibly dedicated and commited to her role. She always stays later to get the job done which can sometimes mean that she runs out of the door to do the school run! Thanks for all that you do.” ~ Vicky, Registered Manager

“We couldn’t have a more professional, polite, hardworking lady in office – she is a star⭐ !!!” ~ Tracey

“OOOO, Congratulations Leanne on a year of being with the Broomfield Care team! You are a great asset to the team and we would be lost with out you! You are such a lovely lady to work along side and “banter” with! Here’s to many more years with the company!” ~ Sophie, Deputy Manager

Leanne is just ace !!! Haha she just is though! ~ Sarah, Care Manager

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