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Broomfield Care’s June 2024 Newsletter 😎

Hello All!

We hope you’re all well- it’s been another busy month for us in the office at Broomfield Care… We’ve just got a couple of updates to share with you all!

💻CareLine Live:

On 3rd June, our new IT system went live! So, this month has been a bit of a settling in period for us, with our staff taking the time to experiment with the system and functions and get used to the new layout. So far, it has been a smooth transition, and we are grateful for everyone’s patience this month with this!  

If you are a client or a relative of a client, make sure you’ve set up your account with CareLine Live so you can continue seeing care plans/visit times. Please check out our blog on our website, which goes into further detail about this process. If you have any queries about the new system, please contact the office and we may be able to help!

Staff Quiz Night 🍜🤔

Thank you to all the staff that attended our Chinese and Quiz Night last week! We hope you all enjoyed the food and the quiz!

Charlotte was our amazing quiz host!

A Final Goodbye 😢

In addition, some of our staff said a final goodbye to one of our long-standing clients, who has decided to move out of Gloucester to be closer to his relatives (apologies for the photo quality as they’re scans from Charlotte’s digital camera!)

💻Social Media:

We also want to highlight that we are trying to be more active on social media! We are currently on Facebook, Instagram, and even TikTok!

As much engagement as possible is very beneficial to the company as it helps boost our online presence and expand our reach across Gloucestershire- our goal is to not only connect far better with those currently a part of the Broomfield Care family, but potential service users and support workers too.

So please could you do us a favour and share our posts when you see them, including this Newsletter!

🦸‍♀️🦸‍♂️Staff Updates:

We would also like to introduce to you all Jess H, one of our new support workers- if you see her on shift, make sure to be nice and welcome her into the team! Here’s a little bit about Jess and what she had to say about her role so far:

“In the past, I have worked in retail, hospitality, an apprentice in administration and a support worker for young people. It is safe to say, this is my favourite job yet! Everyone at Broomfield Care goes above and beyond and the support I’ve received has been amazing, which was lacking in my previous jobs. All of our service users are lovely and I come home feeling like I’ve made a real difference.

My hobbies include football- Manchester United are my team of course- but also baking and cooking are huge passions of mine. ’’

The Extra Mile Award:

May’s Extra Mile Award goes to our wonderful Administration and Accounts Assistant Maddie 😊

Maddie has been with Broomfield now for 8 months, assisting the Admin team. She has formed a great rapport with her colleagues and completes her work with the highest of standards. She has been pivotal in bringing our social media accounts to life and is the publisher of our monthly newsletter.
Maddie’s confidence in her role has continued to grow and she completely deserves the recognition of ‘The Extra Mile’ award this month.

“Maddie has been the most wonderful addition to our team – from the shy woman that entered these offices Maddie has transformed into an integral part of Broomfield Care. We love her sarcastic comments when we banter with her and you can always count on her to talk with her hands when she’s really passionate about something. Our social media guru and website aficionado we wouldn’t be without you! The amount of times we must say “ooo let’s ask Maddie to do that” – it’s a wonder she doesn’t block our email addresses! Well deserved MADGUT!”

Well Done Maddie! 👏👏


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They are well-loved by many, but are especially beneficial to those with dementia and are struggling with their liquid intake, due to issues such as the inability to hold cups or not equating thirst with drinking.

We, at Broomfield Care, think Jelly Drops are an amazing product and can help you purchase the product at a discounted rate! Just contact the office or speak to one of our support workers, so that you can receive a special code to get your order cheaper.

🌸July Dates:

  • Euro’s Final- 14th July
  • The Summer Olympics- 26th July- 11th August
  • School Summer Holidays- Tuesday 23rd July


That’s all for this month! It’s been a busy few weeks for us here at Broomfield Care- we’re hoping for another good month here (and some nicer weather this July!).

Once again, well done to Maddie for being an absolute star and going the extra mile! ✨

To stay up to date with all that’s going on here at Broomfield Care, make sure to follow us on social media- we are most active on Facebook and Instagram!