In November, Broomfield Care held the second team meeting of the year in the meeting room at Lancaster House.

There was a good turnout and it was great to see so many staff attend especially when they brought such lovely food!

Vicky kicked the meeting off with speed dating – an inspired ice – breaker as there has been lots of new staff recently and not everyone had met.

Once everyone had introduced themselves, Vicky explained about the restructuring plan and changes which are due to happen in the New Year.

After a discussion of general issues, we were lucky to have Maria Smith from Complete First aid Training to update us all on Adult Basic Life support.

Some of us had done it before, but some had not and after listening to Maria, it was evident that there had been many changes in how to give basic life support recently, so we all learnt something new – including Vicki B, who learnt a new nursery rhyme , Nellie the Elephant (apparently, it must be a local one!!)

We all got to practice chest compressions on the resuscitation dummies and Maria was very impressed with our technique ( although Vicki B was doing chest compressions to a different tune!!). Even doing it for a minute in a controlled environment was tiring so it was appreciated by all how difficult to do in a real life emergency, but most felt they would be able to do it!

The meeting was a success and it was lovely to have the opportunity to get together.  It has paved the way for future meetings and it will be interesting to find out.

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