Care Manager for Broomfield Care Home Care Services

Debbie Teboe – Care Manager for South Gloucester

Times are changing and Adult Social Care inspections are due for another dramatic change.

Care Quality Commission currently works to “The Essential Standards,” which are a set of guidelines that all adult care services have to be inspected under, this is from hospitals, dentists, care homes, the list is endless. It is a set of guidelines which provide us with a framework from which to operate a safe, professional service.

In April 2015 there is a change to how inspections will be carried out by CQC, Broomfield Care will be assessed using “Fundamental Standards”, specialist teams will be involved in the inspection of services including Experts by Experience (trained members of the public) and will look at the following key questions:

  • Are service users safe?

Are people protected from bullying, harassment, avoidable harm and potential abuse?

  • Are service users cared for consistently?

Are staff competent, knowledgeable and skilled and do they have the right attitude?

  • Is the service effective in its delivery of individual care?

Are individual needs understood, do we recognise diversity and respond in a caring and compassionate way?

  • Does the service respond to the individual needs of the clients?

Do we provide consistent care and ensure individuals are involved in their own care planning?

  • Is the service well led and focused on continual improvement?

An open culture is encouraged to ensure staff feel confident to question practice and report concerns. Strong consistent leadership is expected to support staff and focus on continued development.

The end result will be services will again be rated on the service they provide.

Care Quality Commission will rate services as:



Requires Improvement


Broomfield is hoping to achieve the highest accolade possible during its next inspection.

Please click link to our previous inspection report.


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