Case studies

Below are a small selection of case studies, which provide a greater insight into Broomfield Care and how we support clients with a range of needs. Click the links to read each case study in detail.

If you’d like to find out more, simply give us a call and we’d be happy to chat about our services and how we can help you or your love one.

Mrs M, Gloucester

We have been supporting Mrs M since May 2015. Mrs M used to be a nurse in the local area for many years and moved into a supported living complex after being widowed. After a short time, Mrs M recognised that she was struggling with her morning routine due to arthritis and needed a little support. Mrs M was also awaiting for a shoulder replacement, and felt that it would be better to be proactive and get a small care package set up and in place prior to her operation.
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Miss T, Cheltenham

Miss T is a young woman with Asperger’s Syndrome who lives in her own flat in Cheltenham. She is very able but needs help with day-to-day life skills and interacting with people in the community.
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Mrs M, Gloucester

Mrs M is a very independent lady who lived on her own, in a small sheltered accommodation community in Hucclecote. Mrs M began to slow after turning 90; losing her driving licence was a massive blow to her, not being able to go out and about made her feel low. Mrs M’s daughter felt that it was time for her mum to have some extra support.
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Mrs N, Gloucester

Mrs N is in her 80s and has lived alone at her home in Gloucester since her husband passed away. Some time ago she had a fall and was admitted to hospital, after which she transferred to a care home. Mrs N soon realised living in a care home was not for her and decided to return to her own home and continues to live there, with the support of Broomfield Care.
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Joan’s Story

Joan’s story starts in the small leafy Gloucestershire town of Stonehouse in 1931. Here she enjoyed her early years, playing in the beautiful countryside with her only brother (he would later drive Joan around town in his sporty Morgan, which Joan loved of course!) Joan attended Stroud Grammar school for girls. Read more by clicking here.

Seeing the outside world !!

Betty is a 96 year old lady that lives at home alone and is unable to mobilise independently.  Broomfield Care support Betty with most of her physical needs; personal care, medication and food preparation.  Betty has 4 visits a day and the staff have built a great relationship with her.

Staff regularly collect and take fish and chips to Betty on a Friday and often enjoy a meal with her on these occasions.  These shared meals are really enjoyed by Betty.

In recent months, by using the Sara Steady to carry out some of her transfers, staff have been working with Betty to reduce the amount of time she is hoisted each day.

A staff member used the opportunity to mobilise Betty so she was able to see outside and look at her roses.  Another member of staff went into the garden and cut some of the fresh flowers and put them in a vase for Betty.  Betty expressed that these things made her feel happy.

A regular staff member has recently suggested to Betty that it would be possible to transfer to her wheelchair.  This would enable staff to take her out for short walks or out into the garden.  Betty said she would love to do this.

A risk assessment review was carried out to enable Betty to do so.

Our staff member was courageous and thought ‘outside of the box’.  The staff member had suggested things that could enable Betty to feel more a part of the outside world.  As Betty had not been outside for a long time this was such a huge step forward for Betty’s health.  She then approached the office to request that the action could be taken.