Miss T

Miss T is a young woman with Asperger’s Syndrome who lives in her own flat in Cheltenham.

She is very able but needs help with day-to-day life skills and interacting with people in the community. Miss T’s mother lives nearby and is very supportive but Miss T is keen to be as independent as possible, following her time at a specialist residential college during her teens when the move towards independence began.

Broomfield Care has been providing care and support for Miss T for two years now. Our team have worked closely with Miss T and have helped to build up her confidence in increasingly complex situations, including regular voluntary work.

Broomfield Care have helped Miss T become an increasingly independent young woman and have provided much-needed peace of mind for her family.

“Broomfield Care have enabled my daughter to live in her own home. With Vicky’s guidance, support and never-ending good humour, my daughter’s confidence and independence have increased more than I would ever have thought possible.” Mrs T.