Mrs N, Gloucester

Mrs N is in her 80s and has lived alone at her home in Gloucester since her husband passed away, with a very supportive family close by.

Some time ago she had a fall and was admitted to hospital, after which she transferred to a care home. However, Mrs N soon realised living in a care home was not for her and decided to return to her own home and continues to live there with the support of Broomfield Care.

The Broomfield Care team have been looking after Mrs N for nearly two years. In the beginning her family were worried about whether she would accept and adapt to having carers in her home. The care team have provided a friendly and caring approach with Mrs N, built up good relationships and encouraged her to become as independent as possible in her own environment.

Mrs N has enjoyed having regular visitors and is always pleased to see staff, friends and family. Mrs N is much happier in herself again and feels contented again in her own home.

Mrs L, Mrs N’s daughter, comments “The family appreciates the close cooperation of the carers and their proactive approach. I’m sure I speak for my brother and my sister when I say that we feel very supported by the Broomfield team.”