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Mrs M, Hucclecote, Gloucester

Mrs M is a very independent lady who lived on her own, in a small sheltered accommodation community in Hucclecote.

Mrs M began to slow after turning 90; losing her driving licence was a massive blow to her, not being able to go out and about made her feel low. Mrs M’s daughter felt that it was time for her mum to have some extra support. Mrs M was very reluctant at first to engage with the carers, as she felt she could cope on her own. Then after a few weeks, relationships were established and Brenda really looked forward to the company. The carers were known as ‘her girls’.

Everyone loved going to visit Mrs M, even when she was having her down days. It was an achievement to leave her with a smile on her face. Sadly, Mrs M had a stroke in May 2015 which meant she had to spend a considerable time in hospital recovering and then moving on to a residential home, where she is currently being looked after.

Mrs M has a very supportive son and daughter who took an active role in her care needs. We all worked together to provide the best support for Mrs M.

“A very caring agency, always providing support and treating my Mother with dignity, carers were very supportive, and visits were always welcome and looked forward to. My brother and I always felt supported and had peace of mind that a member of the team was visiting.” – Mrs N, Churchdown.

Mrs M’s son comments, “My Mother always looked forward to carers’ visits and enjoyed their company and assistance. My mother and I would like to record our thanks and appreciation. Thank everyone for their kindness and care with Mum. She always looked forward to you all coming and having a gossip!”

Broomfield care team would have loved to have continued to care for Mrs M, had she been able to return home. However, sadly her needs had changed dramatically so she was unable to return home to her flat within the complex that she loved so dearly. But we still talk about Mrs M now during staff get-togethers.