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¨ Advantages of a cleaning lady

¨ Add Value to Your office

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Advantages of a cleaning lady

The purpose of a clean office is to provide a suitable and fresh environment in which one can go about their daily tasks. The point of a nice clean office should never be overlooked, and is an essential part of a ’well oiled’ machine ….

Tips for creating a clean office

Every time you clean, ask yourself:

Q:    Where is that blasted hoover?

A:    I think it might be in the upstairs office …. go have a looksee!

Q:    To wipe down the surfaces, or to not wipe down the surfaces?

A:    yes …. Most definitely … dusters at the ready

Add Value to Your office …

Keep your office as clean and ready to roll as possible ….




Cleanliness is next to Godliness …”

– Tracey Long





A lovely cleaning effort from Tracey at Broomfield Care …… top work!!


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