It is with great pleasure that we award our Employee star of the month for November 2018 to Sue King.  Sue has been with Broomfield Care for nearly four years.  Sue is a very valued and respected member of staff .  She is very popular and liked by all team members and Service Users.

Sue King Broomfield Care Gloucester

Sue King
Broomfield Care Star of the Month !


“Care Manager Sadie says “It’s with great pleasure that we award Sue Employee of the month for November 2018.”


“We often receive wonderful feedback from service users.  One stated that Sue is ‘lovely and so caring’, another that ‘Sue is my favourite’.”


“Sue’s commitment to Broomfield Care and all of our Service Users is inspiring!  Sue’s attention to detail when it comes to logging in/out and putting notes onto the system is impeccable!”

“Great job Sue!”


“And thank you for letting us take your picture, we know how much must’ve hated having this done!”

Employee of the Month

Sadie handing Sue her well deserved ‘Employee of the Month’ for November Certificate !!

Domiciliary Care Gloucester







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