Care Manager Sadie says “Congratulations to Sue Hocking – you are our employee of the month!

Sue is always willing to support our clients and her colleagues!

Mr B said that “he had gained a friend”. Sue is truly committed. It is wonderful to hear about the impact Sue has on our clients lives.”

Employee of the Month for May goes to Sue Hocking !!

One of our Service User’s wife has quoted “The girls are grand, it’s so lovely to know that every morning there will be a smiling face coming through the door, I was hesitant to have carers coming, when you first started but the girls are fantastic. They are so caring. Recently they have been so supportive especially Sue. She couldn’t have been any more supportive, she would do anything that he asked.“

“Sue H is a lovely lady that is very committed and responsible for everything that she does. Sue is always helpful and always happy to help, it’s lovely to have Sue in our team” – Anita, Deputy Manager.

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