“Sadly, Care Manager Sadie has decided to move to pastures new. Sadie has been a great asset to the company, so thanks Sadie for all you have developed here” ~ Registered Manager Vicky

A message from Sadie ~ “With great sadness I would like to let you know that Friday 9th August is my last day….how fast has that come around?!!

I wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone for all the support you have given to me over the past 3 years…..we have achieved wonderful things together!!!! My time here at Broomfield has been amazing (even through the blood, sweat and tears!!). It has been a privilege to work with such a wonderful caring and committed team.

Whilst I am off to pastures new I am excited for all that Broomfield has achieved and will achieve in the coming months and years……..

I am proud to have been part of the team! Thanks for having me! I will miss you all greatly….Sharon says she is going to arrange some leaving drinks so see you there.

Best wishes and keep doing what you do!!!”

“It has been a pleasure working with a boss like you. Thank you for making the workplace a fun place to be. I hope for your success in your new role. Good luck, and farewell.”

“You’ve been so dependable, supportive, encouraging, and honest during your time here. Your new place is incredibly lucky to have you. Keep doing great things!”

Farewell and Good Luck
Farewell and Good luck in your new job Sadie
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