Julie says “I have worked for Broomfield for just over four years, I find my job very rewarding and enjoy caring for our lovely service users who are always appreciative for the care I give them, enjoy working as part of our hard working team and enjoy the fun along the way. In my experience everyone is a pleasure to work with the service users the staff and even our boss Vicky who is always a great support, I look forward to working many more years for Broomfield”.


Broomfield Care Julie Pentony


Care Manager Sadie says “Wowza……I would not of believed it unless you told me!  Julie has a zest for life and brings a great warmth to work that our staff and service users enjoy.  A credit to Broomfield Care.  Happy Birthday Julie!!!  Enjoy your birthday celebrations”!!!



Professional and CompetentBroomfield Care Gloucester

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