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Public Health England (PHE) has issued a warning saying the extreme heat may pose a risk to the most vulnerable.

The Met Office’s ‘heat-health watch’ alert is currently at level two, meaning social and healthcare services are at the ready to reduce harm from a potential heatwave.

Parts of the UK are hotter than Athens in Greece, and on a par with Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia and Rio in Brazil.

Dr Thomas Waite, of PHE, said: “It’s vitally important that we keep an eye on friends, family and neighbours who may be at risk, especially the over-65s, young children and those with health conditions who are the most vulnerable in hot weather.”

Stay well this Summer

Guidance from the NHS about what we can do in the hot weather to ensure our safety.

Symptoms to look out for during a heatwave:

  • Danger symptoms to watch out for in hot weather include: feeling faint and dizzy, short of breath, vomiting, cramps in arms, legs or stomach or increasing confusion.
  • Take immediate action if danger symptoms of heatstroke are present
    Cool down as quickly as possible – move to a cool place, increase ventilation, sprinkle cold water on the skin and drink water or fruit juice Drink plenty of water Broomfield Care
    Do not take aspirin or paracetamol.
    Seek further advice from NHS 111, a doctor, or ring 999 if the person has collapsed.

Information from NHS Choices

Did you know …….

Dehydration in older people increases their risk of urinary tract infections, constipation and an increase risk of falls.  For those with dementia, it can lead to more challenging behaviour.

With age, the sense of thirst decreases, so older people may not recognise that they are thirsty.

Some people may limit what they drink for fear of incontinence. However, restricting fluid produces concentrated urine which can irritate the bladder and make incontinence worse.

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