Here at Broomfield, we wanted to thank all the people that donated delicious cakes, and raffle prizes to our recent cake bake sale. Thanks to all those that attended, and a very special thanks to Debbie, Emily’s mum, for joining us.


We are proud to announce that we successfully raised £250 pounds for the Emily Gardner ‘Emily’s law’ fund.


Broomfield Care have donated another £250 pounds to match the money raised at the bake sale.

We have just deposited £500 into the charity account. This will help to introduce health and safety legislation around leisure boats, in the name of 14 yr old Emily Gardner,  who sadly died on a boat that capsized at sea.

If you would like to read the plans for further fundraising events that will be taking place, or watch the progress of the cause,  please ‘like’ the  facebook page as listed below,  for further information.


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