Janet has been a much treasured Support Worker here at Broomfield Care for 5 years and is loved by all Staff and Service Users.

“Janet is in the perfect vocation, she was made to be a brilliant carer. Clients have commented that Janet is a breath of fresh air, always professional and responsive to all of our customer’s needs. It feels like Janet has always been with us and is an asset to the company. Thank you Janet for all your hard work for all the past 5 years. You are well respected and loved by all.” ~ Vicky, Registered Manager

“Thank you for you great work you have done through out this unprecedent times ! Having you on the team makes a huge difference . Also I would like to let you know how much you mean to the team. You are great to work with. Even when there is a difficult time, you continue to have the best attitude. Well done.” ~ Anita, Care Manager

“Janet is such a wonderful asset to the Broomfield Care team. Janet is a firm favourite for many of our clients. Janet also was the very first carer I did my shadowing with and Janet really make me feel welcome and explained everything to me and really ‘showed me the ropes’. Thank you and congratulations Janet!” ~ Rebecca Walker, Care Manager

“OOOOO Well done Janet!
Really fantastic, 5 years with the company is amazing. You are a credit to Broomfield Care. You always go above and beyond and in those 5 years you have supported so many lovely people that they now class you as a friend. You are a dedicated member of the team.
You are a fantastic person to work alongside, here’s to another five years. Congratulations” ~ Sophie, Deputy Manager

Just a few of the wonderful comments we have on feedback from our Service Users

“I would like to thank you for all the care that Mum received from Broomfield. Again I would like to thank Janet on that morning for her care in ensuring that Mum was as comfortable as possible. Again I would like to thank her as it couldn’t have been easy for her to see Mum like that. The ambulance crew made a point of coming to see me in A & E to say how amazing both Sharon and Janet were with Mum.”

“Thank you for all you have done for her and especially Janet, she was delighted with her!”

“Janet is a breath of fresh air and such fun at this difficult time.”

“Please pass on our thanks to Janet who has been particularly wonderful.”

“Janet was particularly good, encouraging Mum even when she wasn’t keen!”

“I would like to pass on my appreciation for the kindness of your carers, especially Sue and Janet who have been very supportive at this difficult time.”

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