We would like to send our Congratulations and best wishes to Jess in her next career adventure in London, this is such a well deserved achievement for Jess and we know that Jess will be an amazing asset in her new role. We have been so lucky to have had Jess back with us for the past few months and look forward to her return at Christmas 🙂

On the basis of her wonderful news and the fact that Jess is a tremendous asset to the Broomfield Team and will be greatly missed as she continues on her career journey, we would like to give Jess our Employee of the Month 🙂 (and Monday was her birthday ;-)) !!

“Jess is a very cheerful member of the team. She is always positive and has been extremely committed over the last 3 years. Thank you for your hard work and dedication, Jess! You will be missed but I wish you all the best. I’m sure you will be brilliant in your new role!” ~ Rachael, Quality Assurance and Compliance Manager

Jess is a fantastic worker. Jess is always kind to people. She will be very much missed, however we will be waiting for Jess to come back at Christmas 😊 ~ Anita, Care Manager

“Well done Jess, Well deserved.. You are a great asset to the team and the Service Users love to see you. You have a lovely way with the Service Users, and they appreciate this a great deal. You brighten thier day with your singing, even if does outshine my wonderful singing 😝 Thank you for being so versatile and when needing your help – you always support. Wishing you well in all your endeavours and your new start in London. They are lucky to have you and you will be greatly missed. We will see you at Christmas time I hope, if not out doing visits then the Christmas doo. Wishing you all the best.” ~ Sophie, Assistant Deputy Manager

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