Jude is a 50 something year old lady that Broomfield Care has been supporting for almost 4 years.Customer at Broomfield care

Jude needs some assistance due to having back surgery. Jude’s support is tailored around her active life.

Jude has a better social life than most; she attends Gloucester’s Hard of Hearing club as well as being a ‘stamping up’ demonstrator, otherwise known as Kittycatcrafter.


Jude also hosts an annual Macmillan Coffee morning to raise lots of money for an excellent charity. Jude also works hard all year round for this charity making things that can be raffled at anytime

Jude is a great example of how grit and determination can overcome any curve ball that life throws at you!!

Jude lives in Barnwood with her husband and 2 cats.

Comment from Jude – ‘Vicky and her team at Broomfield Care agency cove a wide spectrum of care needs.
They are reliable,considerate of your needs and abilities and respect at all times your need for independence/assistance. They have allowed my husband to pursue his working life both at home and abroad without the worry of my daily care needs ‘IMG_1029
Customers cat in Vickys car

Deejay in Vicky’s car

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