Mike Stokes 30

Mike Stokes Broomfield Care

Here at Broomfield Care we are celebrating a National Hero’s Birthday !!!!

Mike Stokes is 30 on Saturday the 24th November.

It is a day for all to celebrate as not all Superheros wear capes, some wear aprons!



Without giving away any names …… one colleague’s comment was : “Soon have you in a nursing home old timer !!”


Tracey says “Mike always makes me smile when he phones the office, I instantly know it’s him with his “It’s only me!” introduction.


“Wishing you a fabulous fantastic fun 30th Birthday Mike! It’s always been a pleasure working on the double ups with you. Always caring and professional to the service users and as a working colleague you always make me 😊 and brighten up my shift. Have a great day Mike xx” from Julie

“Just to say he’s one of the nicest  guys you could meet he made me very welcome to Broomfield happy birthday Mike enjoy your special day” from Jackie


“Singing lessons would be good!” added Sue H.


Another team colleague has stated: “Mike is a fantastic support worker. Mike has great knowledge of his clients. He is a very good man to have a laugh with”.

Not long until we see our Secret Santa again !!!

Happy Birthday Mike love from all at Broomfield Care



Broomfield Care Being Valued

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