Can anyone look after Margo and Marvin?











pictured above left Margo – and right Marvin








Margo and Marvins’ owner has sadly passed away and we would love to help find these two a lovely new home….. Margo is the Mum, she is long haired and 9 years old. Marvin is her son, and short haired, and about 7 (although he doesn’t normally wear a hat, unlike in the picture) but is more sociable than mum. Both were strays 6 years ago, when the owner found them both on a building site, and took them home. They are happy outdoors and indoors and are just perfect to be looked after in a new forever home.

They are currently being looked after at the previous owners house, but we would love to help find a suitable owner in Gloucester for them to re-settle in. The cats would have new chips, and any medical bills would be covered for the next 12 months.

Please can you help find Margo and Marvin a new home?


if interested please send an e mail to: to discuss further


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