We would like to welcome our new Fieldcare Supervisor Sarah Hancocks to the team (pictured above)

Vicky Hall  explains –  “Sarah has just recently joined the company, as a Field Care supervisor. Sarah has had lots of care experience with adults as well as children and is person focused as well as being able to solve problems quickly – which is a great skill within our ever changing climate. She is going to be a great edition  to our existing experienced Management team and welcome her on board.”

Sarah added – “I am really pleased to have recently joined Broomfield Care and I am already enjoying working in the local community.

I have worked in the care sector for the last 14 years in a variety of caring roles. My first care job was as a Healthcare Assistant at a local hospital. After a while I realised that I was very interested in working with people with disabilities. I moved to work at a college for young adults with special needs and acquired brain injuries and I spent some years supporting disabled college students during lectures and helping them to adjust to living as independently as possible. More recently I have worked with children at a school that specialises in teaching children with a range of special educational needs. I have also been involved in providing respite care for children with learning disabilities and for thosewith life limiting illnesses.

I am looking forward to bringing my experience of care to my new role and also to learning new skills and broadening my personal development.”

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