Here at Broomfield Care we were fortunate enough to be able to support William “Bill” Frape from May 2015 until October of the same year.  He was well loved by all the care workers that supported him, and below we have some brief testimonials to highlight how well thought of he was.


Janet Wallace said of Bill – “What can I say about the man who gave the best hugs, so tight you couldn’t breathe.

He was a bit of a traveller, and would often tell stories of his adventures. Bill was the one who convinced me to go to Egypt!  Bill had a big heart even though he wasn’t well himself, and when he was fit enough, would often carry out volunteer work to help others less fortunate than himself.   A lovely gentle man!”


These sentiments were echoed by Vicki Beale –  “Bill was Very family orientated, he was always making up jokes and was quite the comedian.  He would always greet you with a big hug, and he was always so happy and pleased to see each care worker that arrived to support him.  I would always have everything ready for him when he came downstairs and he would always say “your very efficient it’s frightening!!  A lovely man he was one of my faves so glad i got to meet him he was a character”


Sue Hocking completes the testimonials by saying –  “Bill and his family we’re lovely.  Bill always made you feel welcome even when you were there to get him up (sometimes earlier then his usual time)  He had lots of friends and enjoyed going out to socialise at the local club, where I think he liked to dance!  Bill was also active in his local church.”


Bill will be fondly remembered by all who worked with him at Broomfield Care …



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