5 Years Work Anniversary

We are eternally grateful for the dedication and passion you show. Thank you for being with us. Happy Work Anniversary!

Well done on reaching 5 years of service Mike! We hope for many more !!!!

Mike doing ‘Thriller’
Oh Dear !!!

What people have to say about Mike …

“I’ve not known Mike long, but he is loyal, dependable and really passionate about the care he delivers, not sure about his singing voice! but he often sings to brighten the Service User’s day, cheers us all up. Everyone speaks fondly of him”. ~ Trish

“Mike, well what can we say about Michael’s 5 years at Broomfield Care!
He’s such a big part of the team, he is so very caring, and sings his way around every person we support.
He has such lovely bonds with all of our service users, but in particular a lovely lady ‘Mrs B’
Mrs B and Mike would spend the whole of the visit, just singing away.. It was always a lovely sight to see, two different generations sitting down and conversing over the same topic.
Mike, is a valued member of staff, and we are grateful that he is apart of the Broomfield Care Team.” ~ Sophie, Assistant Deputy Manager

Mike Stokes Broomfield Care

“Mike well done you ! Mike is a wonderful caring person. He can sing lovely songs and tell lovely stories to our Service Users.
We are glad to have you in the team and will never let you go 😊.”

“I remembered when I worked with Mike at Mrs B’s and he sang songs and told Liz nice stories. I remember she was so delighted and so interested in what Mike was telling her.” ~ Anita, Care Manager

“When I first started at Broomfield and met mike he was full of scarcasm but as time went by I realised this was mike !!!!
The practical jokes soon started which everyone warned me about 🙈 but what Mike didn’t realise he had met is match !!! Ha ha ha
On a serious note he sfunny his voice is horrendous and I’ve grown to love him and Broomfield would not be the same without him
Well done mike for 5 years of service xx” ~ Mandy

“I would say mike the most caring and lovely man I know he always puts others first very caring and compassionate.
I’ve work with mike now for two and half years and there’s never a dull moment with Mike – he’s always very jolly and happy.
Well when it comes to Mike and his singing out of tune you just got to join in Mrs B loved Mike singing to her she would join in singing hymns also Mike sang nursery rhymes to Mrs B. Mike got all the words wrong and she would correct Mike especially when the ducks went over the hill, far away Mike would sing 995 ducks were coming back Mrs B would cry with laughter.” ~ Jackie x

Mike and Mrs B !!!

“He is caring to all his clients and a pain in the * !!! But he’s my partner in singing plus he’s everyone’s 🎅🏽” ~ Sue H

and it’s not just the staff that have things to say ….

“In particular I would like to thank Michael Stokes for his wonderful jovial and happy disposition which Jean really appreciated” ~ close friend of recent Service User

Anita ‘socially distancing’ presenting Mike with his 5 Year Certificate

“I have never met anyone like Michael before, hes the most caring person I’ve ever met also the most annoying! Seeing him working and caring for our service users either makes me laugh or cry. His relationship with Mrs B was just amazing he would sing to her show her videos of his travels and I would just sit there and listen to them both and cry!
Congratulations Michael on your five years! Looking forward to the next 5 years to come!” ~ Vicki B

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