For this month’s blog I decided to write about Mrs Moore AKA BabsBarbara M

We cared for Babs from Jan 2013

Broomfield began supporting Babs initially to assist with personal care every morning.

As Babs needs changed, so did her care package.

After 6 months we were supporting Babs 3 times a day providing her with a lunch time visit to make her a sandwich.

Babs has a very supportive family, so caring for Babs felt like a team effort.

The communication support and pursuance of family and staff enabled Babs to remain at home until August 2014.

Babs dementia and mobility worsened which resulted in her going into Gloucestershire Royal Hospital and then eventually into long term care.

The sad part is that we all miss supporting Babes. We really enjoyed getting to know her and learning about her life on the outskirts of Liverpool.

The good news is that Babs has settled into her new home and has made improvements. Her appetite has improved and she is engaging with others socially.

Mrs Moore’s daughter Liz believes that the decision was made at the right time and is pleased her mum is going to get further enjoyment in her last years.

Liz commented ‘Vicky and her team provided my mum with an excellent service, nothing was too much trouble. When I needed an operation, they stepped in and provided the extra care for mum at very short notice, thank you everyone for helping keep mum at home for so long”

Good luck in your new home Babs.

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