This months star is …. Tracey Long

Tracey Says……

I have worked in an office environment since leaving school (not so long ago ;-)) and I have been working as an Administration Assistant at Broomfield Care since the beginning of the year and can honestly say this is the best job I have ever had!!

When not working at Broomfield Care Ltd I work part time at a school for children with special needs and have worked there for over 5 years.   I enjoy this job greatly too and the joy I get out of working in both jobs in a caring environment for children and adults is immensely inspirational.

All of the staff at Broomfield Care have made me very welcome and they are all a very friendly, ‘down to earth’, warm team who are very professional, caring, considerate and above all passionate about their job. I am very proud to be a part of Broomfield Care


Broomfield Care say…..

Tracey has been with us since January 2015

Tracey is conscientious and hard working and is always willing to help out if needed. She has a positive outlook to life and always takes everything in her stride. Tracey is an asset to our admin team.

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