Broomfield Care – our core values – 6 C’s

Our Company Vision – our core values

Caring – To listen.  To be sensitive and caring.  Making sure clients are content and checking that they are ok?

Compassionate – Listening to clients’ needs and taking action.  Clients are more than a task to do.  Staff being present not just doing. Knowing clients and their needs well.

Competent – Staff are knowledgeable and have up to date training.  Seeking to improve our services and experiences for our clients. Sharing information to ensure clients are kept safe.

Courageous – To be bold with ideas and standing up for what is right. Challenging our colleagues and practices.

Communicative – Updating the management team of changes and concerns. An approach of ‘no decision about me without me’. Being an advocate for our clients.

Committed – Going beyond expectations.  Taking action, even when faced with difficult circumstances. Working for a positive outcome for our clients.


Broomfield Care Our Company Vision


Broomfield Care Being Valued

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