The Parking Blog of Choice and Distinction …

In this issue: 

  • Advantages of parking with integrityFullSizeRender (003)
  • Add value to your vehicle
  • Photographic evidence in effect
  • Be the pride of the company and turn bad parkers green with envy!
  • Top parking tips …

Advantages of decent parking …

  • The purpose of the full ‘park’ is to arrive at ones destination, neatly tucked in between the two lines of the available parking bay, making one ready to face the trials and tribulations of the day .. it may also help you with cutting down on suspension repair bills!  remember the old adage  ..

“A good strong ‘park’ is a good strong mind!” – the DVLA

“To park or not too park …. that is the question!” – Vicky Hall

Tips for Parking sensibly – 

every time you park your vehicle, ask yourself:

Q: Goodness Gracious me …. what am i doing?!

A: It’s OK quick .. No one has seen?!

Q:What will our readers want to know about parking?

A: Are you serious??? Who among us has all the necessary knowledge to park with integrity?!

Add Value to Your Parking Space …

  • Keep your parking as current as possible
  • retrain when ever possible
  • keep your parking space neat and tidy … neatness is next to godliness (we have heard that before somewhere)


an example of the ‘top draw’ parking, one can observe from our very own Vicky Hall …

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