Over the past few weeks the media have highlighted lots of poor practice within the care sector.

With headlines such as ‘Failure in Care’, ‘Unacceptable Treatment’ and ‘Systematic Abuse’ bounded around, almost anyone with relatives in a care setting or receiving care in their own homes will find current media coverage unsettling.

But not all care companies are like that. It’s only a very small percentage that tarnish what the good care companies are trying to achieve.

The Winterbourne Court case has led to lots of discussion. Everyone here at Broomfield Care agree that the sentences for the abusers were not long enough. The residents at Winterbourne Court were the most vulnerable people in society and those who needed others’ support and protection. The media programmes and headlines suggest that the staff felt intimidated by a ‘ring leader’ and the institution was managed and run on ‘fear’. This would be difficult for any commissioning body to detect or prove.

We’ll continue to keep a close eye on all the media coverage.

There is another programme on this evening, highlighting the issue further.

Panorama: The Hospital that Stopped Caring, BBC One, Monday 29 October at 20:30 GMT. Read more about the programme here and the BBC’s pre-programme release here.

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