Hello all, hope you are all well and staying safe.

I am writing to keep all of our customers and their families fully informed of how we are managing during these unprecedented times due to the Covid19 Pandemic.

Our service over the last number of weeks has had to respond to continual changes and challenges associated with this pandemic. It has resulted in inevitable changes that we have had to make at short notice. Please be reassured that we are doing all we can to make sure our care staff are as best prepared to continue our service during these challenging times, and additionally we are checking on a continual basis that they are not showing any signs or symptoms of the virus, and that they are taking the right precautions to absolutely minimise any risk of virus transmission.
Another reason for disruption, is where we have families or even service users that have contacted us at short notice deciding to self-isolate or have shown symptoms. This can have the knock-on effect of everything needing to be re-scheduled, which means there have been changes, sometimes hourly, certainly daily.

I wanted to you to know that the management team do endeavour to keep the service to a minimal disruption but as you can no doubt appreciate this isn’t always possible. For the foreseeable future I have decided to enact a change in the Contract of Care.

Please note there will now be a 30-minute window either side of the expected start time to allow for extenuating circumstances, such as traffic delays or unexpected delays at a previous visit.

The contract previously stated a 15-minute window either side of the expected start time.
This 30-minute window either side of expected start time is to help us to help you, and in part due to constantly changing timetables. As the carers feel pressure to be on time, and hate being late and having a feeling of letting their clients down, this is to help all parties during this period of disruption to our usual routines.

Other measures we are implementing during this time is to suspend posting booked visit lists for the time being as the post is also having delays. This is due to above issues and additional work. If you can provide an email for a family member, we can email them instead, this also applies to invoices. Please contact the office to check email addresses.

Can I take this opportunity to reassure you that we have enough PPE – this is being managed brilliantly by the staff team. There are no shortages in our company and the NHS and Council are working extremely hard to ensure we have replenished stocks. Our PPE is of the highest quality and we are following the guidelines set out from the government but carers may feel that they need extra protection. We hope you respect this and if you would like carers to wear additional protection, please let us know. Please can we also remind you about social distancing rules and respect space if there are additional people in residence.

I would also like to add a massive thank you for your continued support of the team at Broomfield Care. From my perspective I cannot thank the whole team (admin, management, carers and support staff) enough. I am humbled by all of the teams commitment, dedication, professionalism and determination to continue to provide the high standards that we expect, even allowing for the extra challenges our current situation creates, and our unwavering drive to keep our service as close as is possible to normal.
Additionally, I am currently at home on maternity leave, with our most recent addition having arrived only 2 weeks ago. During my absence I am endeavouring to assist where I can, and the amazing Anita is running things from the office.

As always please do not hesitate to contact the office within office hours for any queries or the On-call number. My aim is for this company is to get through the other side unscathed and with everyone intact.

Once this is all over we will be having a big Celebration! I cannot wait!

Best Wishes and Stay Safe
Victoria Hall
Registered Manager
Broomfield Care

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