This month I thought I would give you an insight into who we are caring for.

And it seemed only right to put the spot light onto our oldest customer and team mascot, Nellie

She is everyone’s favourite!!

We have been providing support to Nell for approx. 10 months.

We support Nellie 3 times a day including assisting with washing, dressing; having breakfast/lunch and tea, as well as going to bed (she does love her bed)

Nellie is always pleased to see staff, is always grateful for everything we do as well as providing staff with constant entertainment, jokes and fun.

She will always ask if we are ‘being good’ and threatens staff by saying her Santa (which is on her wardrobe all year round) will be watching us and will know if we are being ‘bad’ and won’t bring us any presents.

Nellie hopes to make it to the ripe old age of 100, she went through a cataract operation with such ease, I am sure she will outlive us all.

There is not a day that goes by when she does not make us smile……

There aren’t many 95 year olds that wear loom bands!!

It gives us peace of mind knowing she is being so well cared for thanks so much Broomfield and to all staff you are the very best.


 Quote from Nellies family –

‘Our mum Nellie is looked after by Broomfield care who are very professional and caring.

Our mum Nelly loves Broomfield care, they really do care, they look after her making sure she is happy and prepare the food for her belly, they are so very kind its it gives us peace of mind thank you Broomfield care and all your lovely staff’

Thanks again, Nellie’s family xx

ND8photo of ND


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