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Nominate a Staff Member for the Extra Mile Award 🌟

Hello all!

This is a quick message about our new extra mile award and how we would like you all to get involved!


As part of a new initiative, we want to show greater appreciation for the amazing work our staff do and congratulate those who have particularly stood out each month, which will be done through the Extra Mile Award– we have a previous blog which you can check out here to find out more about the award and our first winner of 2024! In addition, we would like to share some of the positive feedback on our social media to reflect how Broomfield Care stands out as an amazing homecare provider in Gloucestershire.


📢📢However to do this, we need your help! We want to hear from you about who deserves to win, and who you think in particular provides excellent care. 📢📢

⬇⬇To submit feedback, click on the link below, which will take you to a Microsoft Form- all you have to do is say is who you would like to nominate and why. It will only take a few minutes of your time and will be greatly appreciated. ⬇⬇

There is no deadline for answers and the form will be remain live across the entire year, plus you can submit multiple answers, so make sure to come back to this form whenever anyone impresses you!

Alternatively, you can leave a review for the company as a whole on homecare, which is linked here:

To find out more about our staff, click here:

Broomfield Care has been providing excellent home care in Gloucestershire since 2009. We are a small, privately-owned company with extensive knowledge of Gloucestershire, in which we provide 1 to 1 care from highly skilled, qualified and experienced staff.