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Stay Hydrated with Jelly Drops!

Image of Jelly Drops

They’re award-winning sweets, designed to boost hydration. They’re 95% watersugar free & vegan with added electrolytes & vitamins.

With a fantastic solid, but smooth, texture – these sweets do not have a liquid centre – encouraging independent hydration for all, through a delicious snack.

They are well-loved by many, but are especially beneficial to those with dementia and are struggling with their liquid intake, due to issues such as the inability to hold cups or not equating thirst with drinking. This subsequently became the inspiration for the creation of the product.

Inventor Lewis Hornby was inspired to create water sweets after his grandma Pat, who had dementia, was struggling to hydrate– to an extent that she was hospitalised.

Fortunately, Pat made a full recovery and afterwards, Lewis spent a month with his grandma in her care home to gain a greater insight on the cause and, to develop a solution.

This led to the creation of Jelly drops, which has grown exponentially since its conception in 2018, even being available in Canada and the USA.

Jelly drops has won 15 awards, made over 10 millions drops and have helped thousands of people struggling to stay hydrated.

We, at Broomfield Care, think Jelly Drops are an amazing product and therefore have developed a relationship with the company in order to help our client’s access them (for a discounted price!).

If you would like to make a purchase, their website is linked below, but before that, you can either contact the office or ask one our support workers for a special code in order to get your ordered discounted. 👍