well done our Sue … 5 year milestone 

above: the lovely Sue and Pat, showing the joy she brings to each and every service user


We here at Broomfield Care, feel that we need to share an important milestone with the world! The legendary SUE HOCKING, has been with the company for 5 years! She has not only worked exceptionally hard providing high quality care, but has also been a dedicated, committed and highly respected member of the team.


Vicky comments, ‘Sue joined us on an ‘ad hoc’ basis whilst still employed with the Gloucester Social Services Re enablement team.  Then Sue asked to join us full time,  and I was very very happy! Sue has been a mentor to new recruits, always ensuring high quality of care is provided, as well as being one of the service users fond favourites. Sue is an incredibly skilled individual and has been an asset to this company, and long may this continue’


When Sue has reached the 10 year mile stone – Natalie has promised to treat Sue to an all expenses paid evening to watch ‘The one and only Rod Stewart!’


We love you SUE!

below: there is literally no end to Sue’s talents …




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